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To reach your business to more people, a Facebook boost is a must. We are the experienced agency on Facebook boosting services, providing details and result-oriented solutions for real businessmen in Bangladesh.

Facebook boosting service in Bangladesh

Why will you choose our Boosting Service?


We have been working with Facebook Boosting in Bangladesh for four consecutive years. Almost 100 pages and 20 types of businesses have taken advantage of our boosting service successfully.


A proven authority with presence on the Facebook and Google platforms help us grow trust in the Bangladeshi market. Our clear activities make the customers understand us.

Real USD

Using real US dollars for running ads on Facebook is our committed duty from our starting journey. Coupons and other currencies are not used for Facebook boosting here.


A report is a mirror for boosting performance. We provide reports on every ad's performance, whether the performance is good or bad. Reporting helps customers plan for the next campaign. 

Our Facebook Boosting Process

There are six process we follow to set a effective facebook ad. They are- 

Content Optimizing

Content is the main focus of Facebook boosting. It must be edited to follow Facebook ad policy so that a better result can be obtained.

Goal Setting

We are determined to set effective goals according to the client's achievements from the ad campaign. Goal is a very important stage to get a better result in Facebook Boosting.

Audience Building

Building an audience includes gender, age, location, and detailed targeting. We research audience nature at this stage so that targeted people can see the ad. 

Duration and Budget

In this stage, we assign a strategic budget and duration, keeping in mind ROI, so that boosting response meets the client's goal. The budget depends on the total reach.


There are many placement areas on the Facebook interface. Facebook feeds, Messenger, and Reel are the major areas where showing ads is comfortable and reachable.


We must use real dollars. Using real dollars from Bangladesh helps get a better response during Facebook advertising. Moreover, we pay 15% tax on every transaction in a Facebook ad.

Popular Facebook Ads Category in Bangladesh

Plan to select your favourite ad category for facebook advertising. More popular ads categories on facebook are given below – 

Page like

A Facebook page is called a digital shop at present. When a small entrepreneur wants to set up a business online, creating a Facebook page will be the first step in starting an online business. After creating a Facebook page, you should share your page with your friends so that your page can reach to people more. If you want to get more likes besides your friends, you have to promote your page through Facebook boosting. A page Promotion ad will help you increase your Facebook page likes.


A message means a chat opportunity with customers. Facebook provides the page owner with more messages from targeted people whose ad is shown. When messages come from people, it can be converted into sales. That's called an online selling way by dealing chat. At present, many Facebook page owners run the 'Message Boost Ad Campaign' to sell their products on Facebook. People are used to chat with the owner in the message box and ask something about the product, and sometimes they agree to order the product. 

Video Views

Do you get more views for your videos on Facebook? Then Facebook video views are available through a video-boosting campaign. Facebook provides targeted views to your videos that you upload on your Facebook page. People spend their maximum time watching videos when they scroll through the Facebook feed. For this, the video presentation of a product is more important than other ads. If you are a blogger, you can show your new videos to more people to get better views.

Website Traffic

Suppose you create a new website. You have no traffic to visit your site. You will be able to send traffic to your website from your Facebook page through a traffic-boosting ad campaign. Sometimes a Facebook page is not enough to decorate your product list. It is better to have a product on the website with an informative presentation where the price and details will be marked. If you share your website link on Facebook pages and run ads, you will get more targeted traffic and be able to generate sales.

facebook marketing bangladesh

Facebook Marketing in Bangladesh

Facebook marketing has become a more popular activity for every online businessman in Bangladesh. It is called the telling and selling method from a marketing perspective. People are using the Facebook platform to buy products. We provide a full range of Facebook Advertising services to all online businessmen in Bangladesh. There are four activities of facebook marketing process. They are –

  • Creating Facebook Page
  • Uploading Content
  • Share your Content
  • Run Ads  Campaign

Facebook Boosting Cost

The minimum cost of a Facebook ad for 24 hours is one US dollar, which is the cheapest rate of digital advertising. In consuming one dollar, you can reach your ad to a 500–3000 targeted audience easily. The Bangladesh government has exposed 15% VAT per dollar. So you have to pay $1+15%, which equals BDT needing to run Facebook ads. The daily spend on Facebook ads is limited to between $1 and $250.

Facebook dollar cost

Facebook Boosting cost in bangladesh

We provide result-based Facebook Boosting service in Bangladesh. Choose your desire package.

Result-oriented facebook advertising cost-

Video Views

500 BDT

Post Reach

500 BDT


500 BDT

Page Like

500 BDT

Dollar-based Facebook Advertising Cost Packages-


BDT 2325 / 5 DAYS
  • Content optimization
  • Goal setting
  • Audience Set
  • Duration and Budget
  • Placement Set
  • USD Payment
  • Clients Support


BDT 5425 / 7 DAYS
  • Content optimization
  • Goal setting
  • Audience Set
  • Duration and Budget
  • Placement Set
  • USD Payment
  • Clients Support


BDT 7750 / 10 DAYS
  • Content optimization
  • Goal setting
  • Audience Set
  • Duration and Budget
  • Placement Set
  • USD Payment
  • Clients Support

Our Facebook Boosting activities

Facebook boosting is one of our regular jobs. We run many ads on several pages. We follow and track ad results and try to bring a good result so that the page owner can benefit. After ads are completed, we provide a report of ad performance, which helps the page owner decide the next ad campaign strategy. 


Our Happy Clients

We have run more than 400 ad campaings by our Agency.Focusing on good result from campaign is our main goal. We believe that satisfying customers is our daily duties.


What Our Clients Say about us

A lot of customers took our services and are taking regularly. Some mentionable clients wrote about us here. We try to satisfy our clients by providing the best facebook boosting service in Bangladesh.

I don't know how to thank you. I have not received such excellent service from anyone else. Thank you very much Ongshon Digital.
Farjana Rahman
Excellent service. I have been very disappointed with the service at many places. But the best service like theirs has not been received from any marketing consultancy yet.
Pranto Hossain
Best service. In one word excellent. I am very satisfied with their service. one of the best services. Thank u so much.
Fazle Rabbi

Our Other Services

As a Digital Agency , We provide Web design and CV design service apart from Facebook Boosting Service

Website Design and Development

We make websites for small businesses and new entrepreneurs at a reasonable and cost-effective price.

CV Design

Modern CV formats are available here. Designing a CV for attracting HR is considered when creating a CV. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that clients are asking are answered here.

Why is Facebook Boosting important?

An online or offline businessman needs Facebook boosts to reach more people,  increase sales, and search for new markets.

Which payment system does Facebook accept?

A dual-currency card that supports USD must be used to run Facebook ads. Facebook accepts payment by Duel Currency (Visa/Mastercard), PayPal, and other selected cards.

Is it possible to sell through a Facebook ad?

There are no guarantees for sale. But a lot of messages come after Facebook boosting. You can convert those messages into sales through effective chat.

Can Facebook ID be boosted? 

No. There is no way to run a Facebook ad for a personal ID. Facebook ads are only for Facebook page owners. With a personal or business page, you can run ads.

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