BIN Certificate in Bangladesh

Having a BIN is an important and responsible job for every businessman in Bagladesh. We all should obey government rules and regulations. We are here to submit the online BIN application in the proper way.

BIN certificate in bangladesh

How to get BIN Number in Bangladesh

Every business in Bangladesh needs to have a unique Business Identification Number (BIN).

  • Firstly, you have to go to the VAT Online¬†Government website.
  • Secondly, log in to the website.
  • Then fill out the form with the required information.
  • Attach relevant documents like the TIN number, NID, trade license, bank statement copy, rent, or ownership deed of the office or shop.
  • Check the error and submit.

Facebook BIN Number

Promotion on Facebook requires a BIN number. By taking the BIN number, Facebook understands that you provide VAT regularly to the government. No BIN means you have to pay 15% VAT to Facebook. So your BIN number saves 15% VAT on Facebook advertising. If you need a BIN number for Facebook advertising, you can communicate with us.

Facebook BIN Number

Documents to get BIN Number in Bangladesh

To get the BIN number from the National Board of Revenue, you should attach some real documents. These documents need to verify whether your business exists or doesn’t. Before applying for BIN, you have to be ready with these kinds of documents.

E-TIN Number

Trade License

Bank statement


Shop rent contract paper

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BIN Certificate online apply

BIN Certificate Online Apply

A BIN certificate is mandatory in Bangladesh for every business to have a unique identity. To apply for BIN, you need to follow the proper steps. We are here to help you apply online.

faceboo bin number

BIN For Facebook Advertising

At present, Facebook demands a 15% tax on all advertising. If you have a unique BIN number, you can save 15% on all your Facebook advertising.

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